Hummel’s Test Card – Design Classic or Dog’s Dinner?

Scandinavian firm Hummel produced a set of kits around 1987 featuring a design template which became known as the ‘Test Card’…

Some people, like me, think this was a bit of a mess, others claim it to the high water mark of football kit design. What do you think?

Aston Villa, Coventry City and Southampton all wore this design in the late 1980’s and Denmark sported it on the international stage.

John Devlin in ‘True Colours’ comments: “One of the more controversial kit designs of the decade was this halved shirt ensemble. Many Villa fans were not happy with the radical approach, even though it was worn by the club as they were promoted back into Division One at the first attempt…”

Anyway, something I’ve learned today, ‘Hummel’ is German for bumblebee (which makes sense I suppose) and the logo which I always thought was a funny face is a stylised bee.

If you are intrigued by this sort of frippery then you probably need to buy ‘Got, Not Got’ available online here and ‘True Colours’ here


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5 Responses to Hummel’s Test Card – Design Classic or Dog’s Dinner?

  1. Chris O says:

    I’m definitely in the ‘like it’ camp where this design’s concerned. I particularly liked the Danish national team’s kit in red but to be fair, I thought Coventry and Villa looked ace in theirs too. Original, distinctive and imaginative… what’s not to like?!!? 🙂

  2. Chris Worrall says:

    Agreed, I loved the hummel kits, especially Denmark for Mexico ’86, it was like nothing seen on earth before, and the Spurs kit with the arrows, absolute classics.

  3. notgot says:

    Well I’ll bee

  4. Possibly my favourite kit design EVER! Certainly my favourite CCFC kit ever. The Denmark version is perhaps the best example though. Shiny, silky, proper 80s and bright red. The Villa kit added a really nice twist too. Hummel were always at their best when creating more radical designs.

  5. Something I’ve never been able to shed light on is there was a prototype version of the CCFC shirt done in dark blue. Michael Curtis (George’s son) went to my school and in the summer hols before the 87/88 season, rocked up to the field we were playing football on in the new shirt…I remember being seriously unimpressed due to the almost navy colour scheme used. Come the start of the season of course and all was well, but I never found out any more on that early version.

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