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18 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Hi guys, got the book for my birthday and reviewed it on my blog.
    Here’s a link if you fancy reading it.
    Also if you’re interested a subbuteo post as well,
    Keep up the good work, it’s fantastic!

  2. Please help. Am i the only person in the world who remembers the Big Match Poster Magazine from 1975-76? Did i dream it? If I did, it was a brilliant dream with massive colour pictures, Alan Hudson’s “outspoken” views, goal picture sequences and Terry Venables’ players to watch. Corking things, dreams. Or do you have proof I’m not hallucinating?

  3. Paul Woozley says:

    What a fabulous book. If you enjoyed you will also enjoy my website full of Subbuteo Striker Logacta Big League Soccerama Wembley Johnny Hot Shot Steve Goalgetter and hundreds of other old football games!

  4. colin phippen says:

    absolutely love the book and your sentiments entirely.
    One memory I do have ( i think ) is of a large wall poster from a newspaper showing drawings of the england stars. I think it was made for the 1970 World cup, and the pictures were drawn by paul travelion. I certainly remember them being shown wearing the red england kit – does that ring any bells ?

    cheers colin .

    • thefoxfanzine says:

      Thanks Colin!
      Not seen that, but we’ll keep a look out for it, we plan to feature Trevillion in GNG2.


  5. Paul Spencer says:

    Remember when it was FA Cup 3rd rnd and, oh my goodness, we got THREE matches on Match of the Day. Alec Weeks always called a game – I was used to seeing him do ‘Pot Black’.

  6. Paul Spencer says:

    Goal Net Stanchions. Whatever became of them? All the top grounds had a different style ‘net’ – usually with a rear stanchion. Check out You Tube. I.E. Chelsea, Wembley, Hampden, Arsenal. Now its all the same old boring type the world over it seems. Nobody has ever known why….

  7. Chris Lee says:

    Hi Gary, the site is a constant joy. I’ve linked it to my site Keep up the good work!

    • thefoxfanzine says:

      Thanks Chris!

      It’s nice to be able to move it forward with all the great stuff that people are sending in for ‘Got, Not Got 2’.


  8. Paul says:

    Top work – read the blog, drooled over the Jag club colours poster, whizzed round ebay and bought parts 1 and 2 – thank you so much!

  9. Guy Keeley says:

    A slight tangent to the ‘wrong kit thread’. Why was it that FKS 1969/70 sticker album decided to feature all Everton F.C. player stickers in their second kit of yellow shirts and blue shorts ? In fact going to the point of colorizing some stickers, over what probably featured players in the first choice strip. I am now trawling through to see if they did this again in any other album (a whole team in second kit).

  10. hmsbaz says:

    Hi guys, books are fantastic, would be great if they were available on Kindle etc, just to have them with us all the time, iphone, ipad, have yous any plans to do so?


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