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Adidas… earning your stripes

We’ve done a lot on Admiral kits lately, so here to redress the balance is some vintage Adidas… The German sportswear giants turned their attention to the UK in the late seventies and began to takeover the kit contracts of many … Continue reading

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Knitted players and free beer on the pitch – cool new ‘Watford in 100 Objects’ project

Thanks go out to Jason Bailey for getting in touch to tell us he’s finished Got, Not Got! – and has now embarked on a must-see nostalgia fest of his own called ‘Watford In 100 Objects’, which also centres around … Continue reading

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Airfix Hammers…

A lot of you have asked about the painted Airfix figures that appear in ‘Got, Not Got’… Gary is the micro-artist and here are some West Ham figures that he was commissioned to do…. You can see lots more of … Continue reading

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League Cup Final Special: The Bluebird Leads the Way, OK?

‘Y Ddraig Goch Ddyry Gychwyn’ – ‘The Red Dragon Leads the Way’ – is the motto on this official Cardiff City blazer badge from the 1960s. Full of positives vibes, you might think. But nowhere near as good an omen … Continue reading

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When England Kits Were Built to Last

The first branded kit that England wore lasted for six years from 1974 until 1980… This Admiral creation, which horrified adults and delighted kids the nation over, was introduced for the Don Revie era and was not changed until just prior to … Continue reading

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The weirdest, crappest or coolest football game ever? Have you ever played, or even seen Snoccer?

Cooyer, eh? Just how cool was the long-lost, much yearned-for, largely forgotten and highly improbable game of Snoccer? Ahh, to line up your four-and-a-half players in time-honoured style and cannon a shot off a mini-hamburger and into the bulging net past … Continue reading

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‘Football’s TV Cream’, ‘Best since Hornby’, ‘A bit like heroin… moreish’ – What you’re saying about Got, Not Got

Media feedback on GNG is collected on the Press Page for all to see; but just as important is our direct reader feedback on the book Derek’s brother-in-law called “quite professional”. Cheers for that, Rick… Most topically of all, thanks to @ian berriman for … Continue reading

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Hastily Recoloured Stickers: Casper and Sinclair

Welcome once more to the FKS Wonderful World of Soccer Stars in Action picture stamp album 1969-70… There was a time, about forty years ago, when footballers could afford to be in colour, but the crowd were still in black … Continue reading

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Tiger 1960s Album of Football Club Badges – the cool and the curious…

Here’s Tiger comic’s ‘Album of Football Club Badges’, dating back 50 years to to 1962 but snagged just recently off eBay for a cool 99p. How sweet to roll back the years and revisit a time before the rash of so-called … Continue reading

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My First Shoot!

Just like Bobby Goldsboro, my first time was on a hot afternoon, the last day of June (more or less), although I can’t recall whether or not the sun was a demon… Allowed one comic a week, I’d already graduated … Continue reading

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