Help!? Your pics wanted for new Got, Not Got Xmas Gift Book…

The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book will be out in 2019 – the latest in the series of nostalgia, memorabilia and memory fests that kicked off with Got, Not Got back in the days of fat tellies and black boots. 

Getting right back to the Aladdin’s Cave vibe of the original book, the Gift Book is a big fun A4 romp through fan treasures and football culture. It’s based on an old-school catalogue, with sections covering kit, fan fashions, tech, games, home, food & drink, transport & travel, stickers, programmes and loads more irresistible stuff. And that’s where you come in…


Here’s a few categories where your old snaps might just end up as the stars of the show, with you out on the catalogue catwalk.

1 – It’s an old favourite that crops up in almost all the books, but there’s always room for more pics of kids in kits…

2 – Got any old pics of you or your mates in the football fashions of the day? No matter whether they feature bobbles and scarves, shell suits, full kit outings or more cultish gear – mod, skinhead, suedehead, cazh, bovver boy, you name it – we’d love to feature your football fashions

3 – Cool pics of old grounds – no matter whether they were taken from the stands, or of chunks of your old club’s stadium once you’d got them home!

4 – Finally, has anybody got any pics of opening prezzies on Christmas morning?


Meanwhile, don’t hold back on stuff for any of the other categories. Get in touch! We’ve already got tons of must-have catalogue items, pics and adverts, but anything unusual or hilarious will fit the bill.


gnggb cover rgb



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2 Responses to Help!? Your pics wanted for new Got, Not Got Xmas Gift Book…

  1. NigTay says:

    The main cover picture with the Leeds, Chelsea and red and white scarf…do you know what football ground it is??
    I believe it’s a “Wendy Wool” promotional shot and it’s “SOMEONE football and athletic club” as I’ve seen on an identical picture that gives more detail…but which team is the SOMEONE?!

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