New Leicester City book: Can’t Buy That Feeling

Can’t Buy That Feeling: Inside Leicester City is the latest book from the Got, Not Got team, published by Conker Editions. It features over 100 interviews with City stars of the past 60 years, first published in the pages of The FOX, one of Britain’s longest-running fanzines.

The book offers incredible access behind the scenes at the LCFC soap opera, revealing the thoughts, memories and real personalities of our royal blue heroes. Needless to say, it’s an emotional journey…

cbtf fc rgb

The FOX has been interviewing Leicester City players, managers, famous fans and board members for almost three decades, building up a body of work that takes you right into the very fabric of the club, with memories spanning the last 60 years.

As a City fan, you’ve come to know hundreds of players through their performance on the pitch, through potted career biographies and football sticker images. But what about the real characters behind the blue shirts and the back-page reports?

Can’t Buy That Feeling takes you inside Leicester City from the perspective of those who were there – behind the scenes at the long-running soap opera packed with comedy and tragedy, triumph and disaster, financial ruin and amazing title wins.

An exciting, colourful take on Leicester City history with countless fan talking points. Read the best of The FOX interviews and you will discover:

  • How it feels to score a last-minute winner at Wembley
  • Who bore the brunt of Stan Collymore’s fire extinguisher
  • How it feels to be a World Cup winner, and axed by Leicester City
  • Which City star was run out of his local for moving to Leicester
  • The identity of the City player who chased members of the Chelsea team down the tunnel.
  • Players’ big-match memories, their real opinions of their bosses, team-mates and fans.


Simon Kimber is the author of Youn9y: The Autobiography of Alan Young, has been assistant editor of The FOX since 1992 and is an accredited Premier League photographer. Gary Silke founded The FOX in 1987 and has written a weekly Leicester Mercury column since 1991. Along with Derek Hammond – who took on the task of editing this book – he is co-author of Got, Not Got, runner-up in the BSBA Football Book of the Year 2012, and the following series of books.

cbtf full cover rgb

Can’t Buy That Feeling is available at, and via Amazon. It will be in the shops soon!

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