The Art of the Gift Book

The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book is the first big GNG title to appear on Conker Editions. It’s brand new out – our very own vintage catalogue, designed both as a tribute our mums’ glossy mail-order catalogue from the good old 20th century, and also as a nostalgic trigger to take fans reeling back in time. Back to an age when kit, comics, games, clobber, stickers and tech dominated the world of every soccer kid. And getting your hands on the latest playground collectables and must-have gear was of all-consuming importance.

Luckily, the first rush of feedback and the first online reviews we’ve received suggest that readers get it. You’re willing to go with the flow. To accept the idea that this is a real catalogue, fresh out before Christmas, and all you have to do is scrawl an optimistic ring around your heart’s desires, and wait…

The retro look of the book was devised by co-author/designer Gary Silke along with a small team of illustrators who added the final touches to the catalogue format, and to the premium package received by direct Conker customers and subscribers.

gng front n back

Charged with the remit to create a set of icons to rival the Mexico 70 Olympic Games series, illustrator Frances Hammond provided perfect at-a-glance images for the catalogue’s traditional pastel section breaks and colour-coded contents page.

Cards & Stickers. Tech. Home & Garden. Clobber. Travel…

You know exactly where you are with a foaming pint of beer. You’re about to immerse yourself wholeheartedly in the Food & Drink section.


Illustrator Simon Smith was given the similarly tricky job of creating our initial set of nine retro football cards – the first of many. Based on an iconic ’70s A&BC set, the cards have proven so popular with customers who have bought the book direct from Conker, they’re now set to appear on an exclusive range of T-shirts.

Aren’t they beautiful?

cards got not got

“I’m putting a call out to football fans of any age, any club, to step into the wonderful ‘Got, Not Got’ time-machine and be transported back in time to football’s distant past. The vast array of football memorabilia is mind-boggling. Passion and genuine excitement radiate from every page. Pure comedy gold.”

So says our very first reviewer, at It’s Round and It’s White.

press release insert

“The book’s strength is its ability to connect with you on a personal level. When you turn the page and experience the joy of seeing that football gift you once held in your hand or had sat atop your bureau in the bedroom, it’s almost like thumbing through the family photo album…”

Untitled-1“The whole book is an explosion of colour and vibrancy. It’s crammed full of pictures, a feast for the eyes.

“I challenge anybody to find a book with more photos of anything and everything to do with football. Everything is presented in a retro style as cool as the old club tracksuits featured in the tips and training chapter.”


“It’s time to revisit your lost childhood and indulge in a bit of escapism.” – with thanks to 

The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book is 16 quid, available from all good bookshops, Amazon, eBay, etc. Get it from and receive a free set of nine  collectable ‘Stars of the 70s’ football cards. 

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