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New Leicester City book: Can’t Buy That Feeling

Can’t Buy That Feeling: Inside Leicester City is the latest book from the Got, Not Got team, published by Conker Editions. It features over 100 interviews with City stars of the past 60 years, first published in the pages of The … Continue reading

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England pick up the pieces

Ah, well.  Give us a hand sorting out the edges. It’ll give us something to do on Saturday. Hmm, never knew Geoff Hurst was the England coach. Didn’t recognise Steve Foster without his headband. And how come only Withe and … Continue reading

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What time’s the England match on tonight?

Hold on, let’s have a check in the Radio Times… This one’s well loved, good condition for age, and comes complete with Union Jack power which has rather gone missing since 94,493 fans – give or take – waved them … Continue reading

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