‘Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Chelsea’ – OUT NOW!

The latest in the ‘Got, Not Got’ series of club editions is Chelsea… 

chelsea flyer copy

Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Chelsea is an Aladdin’s cave of memories and memorabilia, guaranteed to whisk you back to Stamford Bridge’s fondly remembered ‘Golden Age’ of mud and magic – as well as a Blues-mad childhood of miniature tabletop games and imaginary, comic-fuelled worlds. The book recalls a more innocent era of football, lingering longingly over relics from the good old days – Blues stickers and petrol freebies, league ladders, big-match programmes and much more – revisiting lost football culture, treasures and pleasures that are 100 per cent Chelsea. If you were a Junior Blue, one of the army of obsessive soccer kids at any time from the arrival of Dave Sexton on the Kings Road to the early days of the Premier League, then this is the book to recall the mavericks – Osgood, Hudson and Dixon, Nevin, Walker and Harris – and the marvels of the lost world of football…

You can buy it online on Amazon HERE.

club books

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Pics of the Day: Football Grounds from the Air Quiz

Ha! So you thought Burnden Park was too easy, did you? Here’s four more heartbreakingly smashing air shots of grounds back in the day. All you have to do is tell us where… and when. Let’s say which decade, to give you a fair chance.

Answers on a postcard below (GNG blog), at the GNG Facebook page (pls do follow us, there’s loads of comment there that doesn’t get seen here) or via the GNG Twitter feed at @GotNotGot (ditto).

2 3 4 5Good luck!


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‘Got, Not Got: Ipswich Town’ reviewed by the East Anglian Daily Times

Karl Fuller has given our latest club series book ‘Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Ipswich Town’ a blinding review in today’s East Anglian Daily Times…

ipswich review blog size

Click HERE for a larger version.

And click HERE to buy the book if Karl’s review has you convinced!

ipswich flyer copy

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Pic of the Day: Mystery Ground from the Air, 1971

A couple of weeks ago, when we showing off Gavin Haigh’s rather splendid St James’ Park model, we mentioned our ‘Football Grounds from the Air’ book, long lost in the general clutter.

It’s turned up. And here’s one of our atmospheric favourites, sucking back the exact vibe of football 40 years ago, exciting, forbidden places to play, and fictional backstreets. Three points for the first GNG treehouse dweller to correctly identify the magnificent muckheap in question – of course, long since demolished.


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The Fine & Ancient Art of Keepy-Uppy

Steve O’Neill practices the ancient art of Keepy-Uppy in his backyard…

keepy uppy

The law of going up the recce states: “Should there be six available players or more then they shall be divided into teams accordingly on a pitch size determined by the two captains. Should there be five then they shall play Cuppies – two teams of two and one goalkeeper and one goal. Should there be three or under then they shall play Keepy-Uppy.”
It takes two minutes to understand the rules of Keepy-Uppy and a lifetime to get past 50.
The ball cannot touch the ground and should be constantly propelled upwards by feet, knees, thigh, chest or head.
One summer we did virtually nothing else and managed a glorious 72.

What was your record?

Did you know that ‘Got, Not Got: The A-Z of Lost Football Culture, Treasures and Pleasures’ is currently selling on Amazon at an outrageous £7.74 (RRP £20)
You can buy it by clicking here.
And you can read some pages for free here.

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Got Not Got bloke on Talksport’s Danny Kelly Show tonight

Anyone with a reason to avoid Match of the Day tonight might profitably consider tuning in to Talksport to hear Derek Hammond discussing vintage football-shirt nostalgiathon ‘Shirt tales & Short Stories’, today’s top footer events and tomorrow’s back pages.

Given Mr Kelly’s status as a Spurs fan, it seems unlikely that conversation will swing around to this afternoon’s controversial 4-3 result against plucky Leicester.

Best concentrate on funny kit from the 70s, eh?

shirt tales cover

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Pic of the Day: Gordon Strachan hits the Centapost

Dateline: 1986. Great idea of our time: The Centapost portable training device.

The big deal: Man U up-and-downer Gordon Strachan gets paid £30 to say he wouldn’t be the man he is today without said contraption – a bit of hardboard that lights  up when you boot a football at it.

It’s a whole nuther ball game, yeah? We won’t bother copying out the hilarious blurb – it’s best direct from the horse’s mouth.

If you can’t resist this sort of old tat, and secretly yearn to be The Kangaroo Kid or The Boy in the Velvet Mask, we’ve got whole books that you might find weirdly thrilling.

gordon strachan manchester united - centapost crap training aidCritical acclaim for Got, Not Got:

  • “Astonishingly thorough, well-presented, inspired…” – When Saturday Comes
  • “A cracking book which whisks you back to a different footballing era.” Brian Reade, The Mirror
  • “A veritable Dundee cake of a book.” – Danny Kelly, talkSport
  • “A long soak in a warm bath of football nostalgia.” – Mail on Sunday Live magazine

…and The Lost World of Football:

  • “Obviously, everybody over the age of 40 is going to absolutely love this. There’s something for every fan of every club.” – Andy Jacobs, talkSport
  • “The book is superb – an actual step up, if possible, on Got, Not Got. Got it, love it… lost about five hours at the weekend!” – In Bed With Maradona
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