Hummel Test Card Kits – Your Verdict…

Well, it turns out that you are loving the revolutionary 1980’s Scandinavian stylings of Hummel (German for bumblebee, remember)…

Here is a selection of you reactions on Twitter…

“I loved the test card design. I always associate it with the fantastic Danish team from Mexico 86. Well, that Danish team were fantastic right up to the moment Jesper Olsen decided to pass the ball along his own 18 yard line… ”
Darren Simpson

Hummel’s Test Card kits – yes or no? YES! Swindon came close to getting one, but ended up with Spall.
David Squires 

“Absolutely yes.”
Kieran Holden 

“Definite yes, that Denmark kit was awesome.”
Ha Zaa 

“When Coventry played Villa at Highfield Rd. 88/89 think it was a mascot wore a half Villa & half Sky Blue Hummel shirt.”

“Defo a yes from me -Villa away modelled by my bro-in-law…”
Andrew Connor 

There’s more of this sort of thing in ‘Got, Not Got – the A – Z of Lost Football Culture, Treasures and Pleasures.’ – available on-line here and here.



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