Got, Not Got in the running for Football Book of the Year!

Ooyer! Ooder thought it, eh?

According to an article on the Football Writers Association website, weighing up the runners and riders for the 2011 Footy Book of the Year, Got, Not Got has apparently made it as far as the starting tape!

Here’s what Christopher Davies says about the book in his round-up of ‘likely contenders’ for the British Sports Book Awards (BSBA) prize, which also includes 32 Programmes by prog-spotter Dave Roberts, ex-talent-spotter Les Padfield’s Scouting for Moyes, sometime Brum City stopper Baz Rathbone’s Smell of Football and a Paul Merson sniff-and-tell… amongst many others.

“Probably the most different book I’ve read recently is Got, Not Got by Derek Hammond and Gary Silke. It is an exhaustively researched collection of football programmes, stickers, badges and memorabilia, a coffee table book you can dip in and out of at any time. Some of the advertisements from old programmes are classics – “Bovril – hot favourite for the cup!” Or culinary advice to players: “Full English – eat up your fried bread now, it’s full of energy.” Eat your heart out Arsene Wenger.”

Time to look out our sheepskin nosebands and, er, sit around writing stuff about 1973 while they figure out if we’re Red Rum material.

Or Crisp.


* Wikipedia research suggests the horse Derek was actually thinking about here was ‘Devon Loch’.

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3 Responses to Got, Not Got in the running for Football Book of the Year!

  1. Chris O says:

    Congratulations! You deserve to go on and win it now… 🙂

  2. If I had a say in it you would have got my vote. As opposed to not got it of course.

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