Soccer Monthly – Guide to the Grounds 1978 Poster

This ‘Guide to the Grounds’ poster, given away free with Soccer Monthly in 1978, wasn’t really any such thing… but it was nice anyway…

(click on image for whopping readable size)

It was a comprehensive poster that included 158 clubs, including some unfamiliar Irish names such as Ards, Sligo Rovers, Merick, Home Farm and Cork Alberts.

Apart from the name and record gate of each ground there was a dot on a small map indicating where each club lived, but calling it a ‘Guide’ was a bit optimistic.
Nonetheless, it was given space on my wall for many years.

It became my tick chart with the code:
I = (seen them play)
P = (programme)
G = (Seen ground) cleverly worded as I could include grounds we had simply driven past.

Did anyone else have this? I don’t remember much about Soccer Monthly or how long it lasted, apart from this colourful legacy.

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4 Responses to Soccer Monthly – Guide to the Grounds 1978 Poster

  1. notgot says:

    St Patrick’s Athletic!

    That’s our missing kit off the cover of Simon’s Soccer Club Colours

    well, closest yet!

  2. “Seen ground” is brilliant.

  3. thefoxfanzine says:

    “Seen Ground” enabled me to tick off Torquay United’s Plainmoor (seen while on holiday) and Wembley (seen from the North Circular)…!

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