That Justin Fashanu rubber on the cover of Got, Not Got…

Long the subject of speculation and wonderment in reader emails – not to mention jealous glances from punters browsing in Waterstones – it’s time to have a close-up look at that Justin Fashanu rubber on the cover of Got, Not Got. (Just click the pic below to blow it up to monster size).  The eraser is in used condition, shown here with another in the Helix series from the dawn of the 1980s. For insurance purposes, we’d estimate its value at around £500, having snapped up ours off eBay for 99p – with Trevor Francis, Wendy Hoddle and a couple more chucked in as makeweights. 

Our other almost unfeasible gems from the Helix football stationery range will be lovingly arrayed in Got, Not Got 2.

Please do get in touch if you’ve got an Archie Gemmill protractor or a Graeme Souness set square tucked away in the back of a drawer! Send us a pic for GNG2 and get a free copy – or we’d be happy to take them off your hands. For insurance purposes, their value is estimated at 15p each.

Got, Not Got is going cheap on Amazon and is in the shake-up for BSBA Football Book of the Year!

• “This exquisite book is a homage to the game of 40 years ago – not just the mudheaps and the mavericks but a celebration of its wider culture [which] rises above lazy, modern-life-is-rubbish nostalgia… The design is so sumptuous and the stories so well chosen and written that it’s hard to rsist the authors’ conclusion that much – call it charm, character or even romance – has been lost in the rush for cash. Regardless of whether it really was a golden age, this is a golden volume, as much a social history as a sports book. If you’ve not got GOT, NOT GOT, you’ve got to get it.” – Backpass

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4 Responses to That Justin Fashanu rubber on the cover of Got, Not Got…

  1. Glenn has Village of the Damned eyes

    • notgot says:

      He’d make a cracking punk rock T-shirt

      Unfortunately, his religious beliefs demand that you should be put to death for using the blasphemous word ‘damned’ – oops, me too – along with poor old Fash, natch

  2. john bailey says:

    The Bryan Robson one is going for £7 on ebay. Did they do a England ruler set? I’m sure i had one,long time ago though!

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