Surges, haircuts, proper tackles… The Big Match Revisited

Hurray! One of our very favourite programmes – The Big Match Revisited – is back on ITV4 on Saturday mornings…

Featuring games from the 1982-83 season we haven’t been this excited on a Saturday morning since Sally James left TISWAS.
The last couple of weeks have featured Liverpool v Ipswich, Middlesbrough v Arsenal (in navy and green); and Watford’s trip to Aston Villa for an FA Cup tie, which saw their shirt advertising taped out to prevent them breaking the competiton’s rules.

This is football with it’s rough edges still to be knocked off, crunching tackles go unpunished and a slower pace to the game gives you time to appreciate the odd moment of skill on muddy pitches.
It’s a treat to see favourite uncle Brian Moore again and a startlingly young Jim Rosenthal…

You can catch up on any episodes you have missed here and read more about those far off days of our youth in ‘Got, Not Got’ available online here.


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4 Responses to Surges, haircuts, proper tackles… The Big Match Revisited

  1. LE9 Fox says:

    Leicester 5 v 0 Wolves will be amongst the highlights next Saturday morning!

  2. Chris O says:

    I can’t get enough of TBMR, to be honest! Even when they re-run stuff I’ve already seen, I happily tune in to watch it again!

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