Focus On… Always the best page in Shoot!

All the way from August 1975, here’s Liverpool’s Terry Mac laying to shame every modern footballer who ever filled in a programme questionnaire, namedropping sports cars, WAGs, property portfolios and £750 cocktails at gentlemen’s clubs. Te doesn’t like losing or two-faced people, but he likes dancing and music and Keith Kennedy of Bury.

Young Te tells it like it is. Or rather was. FAVOURITE SINGERS: Barry White, Wizzard and Good Intent (my brother’s group). PERSONAL AMBITION: To win a major trophy with Liverpool. FAVOURITE FOOD: Chip butties…

PREVIOUS CLUBS: Bury, Newcastle
CAR: Capri 1600
FAVOURITE ACTOR/ACTRESS: Clint Eastwood, Racquel Welch
FAVOURITE TV SHOWS: Morecambe & Wise, Benny Hill, any sports programme
FAVOURITE OTHER TEAMS: Newcastle and Bury, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t stick the boot in on Keith Kennedy if we got them in the Cup, unless he caught me first.

Good lad, Te.

More focus on 1975, Racquel Welch and sponsored motors with players’ names on the door in Got, Not Got, gooing cheap on Amazon.

“Awesome” – Adrian Durham, TalkSport
•  ”It would have been easy to just produce a book of nostalgic memorabilia. It’s something else to have a book that captures the heart and soul of the time. I didn’t just look back fondly, I had flashbacks full of excitement! A wonderful journey back into our childhoods…” – God, Charlton and Punk Rock blog
• “An excellent and unusual new football book.” – Fly Me To The Moon, Middlesboro fanzine
“Got, Not Got is wonderful. I’m feeling quite emotional leafing through it!” – Nick Alatti, The Bridge 102.5FM in the Black Country

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2 Responses to Focus On… Always the best page in Shoot!

  1. Chris O says:

    That’s a mean haircut McDermott had there…

    On a former website of mine called ‘Some People Are On The Pitch’ (now archived on, I once wrote a ‘Friday List’ inspired by the ‘Focus On’ page in Shoot – witness thus:

    • notgot says:

      Good lad, Tony Coton.

      That reminds me, Nigel Mercer of ‘Nigel’s Webspace’ deserved football card megafame sent us a very cool graph plotting the incidence of steak and chips vs. ‘gym teacher’ under the ‘what would you be if’ category, or summat. I’ll look it out.

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