Hastily Repainted Soccer Stars – The Blant

We know that the FKS picture editors had to touch up the odd sticker in their  1969-70 ‘Wonderful World of Soccer Stars in Action’  collection, but in the case of the Colin Blant this seems to have been taken to bizarre extremes…

Colin, we can only presume it is him as he appears to have been given a facelift, is leaping into an aerial challenge with what appears to be a Liverpool and an Everton player. To make things more complicated there is a fourth team represented by the chappie on the left.
The action is taking place in front of the unmistakable old Anfield main stand gable, so has Colin crashed the Merseyside derby?
Or has the artist been out for a spectacular Friday lunchtime session, making a serious dent in his brown envelope? The FKS offices were based in Soho Square, after all…

If you can remember the days of hastily recoloured stickers leaving you feel slightly cheated then you might want to buy ‘Got, Not Got’ available online from Amazon, and in branches of WH Smiths, Waterstones and HMV…


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2 Responses to Hastily Repainted Soccer Stars – The Blant

  1. That pose reminds me of Jamie ‘Legs Akimbo’ Redknapp. Literally.

  2. notgot says:

    Yes, it is Ron Yeast in the background.

    Uncharacteristically playing for Everton.

    I think Ron and our Col might be related.

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