Supersonic Soccer Stuff They Sold Us in the ‘Seventies – Impossible Kit Quiz (Part 1: Subbuteo!)

Thanks go out to GNG reader/contributor Trev Arthur, vintage footy game collector extraordinaire, and a man who once pulled on the hallowed red, yellow and green nylon of Wales (you thought we were going to say Jamaica?) in an international tournament against Italy… at Subbuteo… in Market Harborough.

Trev sent us this extremely cool pic of the work of Spudsky, Subbuteo artist of international repute – for links for more microscopic genius, please see Comments.

And so to the impossible task set by Trev – to name every one of the groovy retro Subbuteo teams hand-painted on this DIY club colours chart…

You can click the pic to see a larger version, so as to more surely drive your mind to 00-scale distraction.

There’s no cash prize on offer, just the undying respect of a bunch of big kids.

So let’s go…

Er, there’s the Cov ‘T for Talbot’ jobbie, er… Watch this space.

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11 Responses to Supersonic Soccer Stuff They Sold Us in the ‘Seventies – Impossible Kit Quiz (Part 1: Subbuteo!)

  1. There also seems to be the Cov Brown kit and the Cov tramlines one…Also Argentina 78?

  2. Also, how many times did that tramline shirt get used??? and people moan about kit templates these days! They know nothing!

  3. oldsubbuteo says:

    This display was created by Ian Ridler (aka spudsky) using miniatures “Top Spin” painted by himself.

  4. f says:

    It’s beautiful – I must state I never claimed to have created this piece of art.

    • notgot says:

      No worries, Trev.

      I’ve clarified who’s responsible in the piece now I’ve got the info.

      Just love that Caribous of Colarado kit!

    • oldsubbuteo says:

      Trev is absolutely a gentleman, I just wanted to report the correct credits and no disrespecting Trev or anyone else. I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

      • notgot says:

        No problem whatsoever, and no misunderstanding.

        Bear in mind that the original version of the blog piece was slightly different in that it didn’t have the second para, and I asked for the details of whose work it was.

        Love the Caribous kit – I simply can’t resist posting up that pic with the bit about the team from Got, Not Got.

        I’ll contact Spudsky first, to make him aware of his new fanbase!

        Cheers for your help and input


  5. Ian Ridler says:

    Thanks for the kind words Chaps. I love creating kits from the 70’s in miniature. The tramline kit was also used in Europe. Germany especially. Kuwait also had it as their national kit. Green and white. Check out some of the DDR creations from the link given by Oldsubbuteo. They had some fantastic kits…a real pleasure. Many thanks again Ian

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