Does more Euro misery loom for England?

England have always turned in miserable performances in the European Championships, aside from the herioic failure of Euro 96…

… and we seem to be trying our best to carry on that tradition in 2012.
The UEFA Euro 2012 tournament kicks off in Poland/Ukraine in four months time, and it is difficult to see how preparations could be any worse.
Last week John Terry was rightly stripped of the captain’s armband pending his trial in July over alleged racial abuse of QPR’s Anton Ferdinand.
Over the weekend England coach Fabio Capello has made it publically clear that he doesn’t agree with the decision: “I thought it was right that Terry should keep the captain’s armband. I have spoken to the chairman and I have said that in my opinion one cannot be punished until it is official and the court – a non-sport court, a civil court – had made a decision to decide if John Terry has done what he is accused of.”
This has not gone down well at the FA, with  Former FA executive director David Davies telling the BBC: “He may well have breached his contract.”
Is it too much to ask that the England manager concentrate on the simple task of picking the best eleven English players and turning them into a team?
This thing is difficult enough to win without shooting ourselves in the foot at this stage…

‘Got, Not Got’ extract…

“What an honour it must once have been to be selected to play for your country. Eleven men representing millions, walking out into a packed gladiatorial dustbowl on the other side of the world, doing your duty on behalf of your Queen. Ignoring the catcalls, the din of tinny trumpets, the damp handshake of the referee from a country that the skipper suspects may not have been on the right side in both World Wars. Singing the words of the National Anthem louder than the oppo mumble along to the rhumba rhythm of their tinpot dictator’s self-penned song of praise…

That’s how it always was in the comics, anyway.”

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