Pic of the Day: Gordon Strachan hits the Centapost

Dateline: 1986. Great idea of our time: The Centapost portable training device.

The big deal: Man U up-and-downer Gordon Strachan gets paid £30 to say he wouldn’t be the man he is today without said contraption – a bit of hardboard that lights  up when you boot a football at it.

It’s a whole nuther ball game, yeah? We won’t bother copying out the hilarious blurb – it’s best direct from the horse’s mouth.

If you can’t resist this sort of old tat, and secretly yearn to be The Kangaroo Kid or The Boy in the Velvet Mask, we’ve got whole books that you might find weirdly thrilling.

gordon strachan manchester united - centapost crap training aidCritical acclaim for Got, Not Got:

  • “Astonishingly thorough, well-presented, inspired…” – When Saturday Comes
  • “A cracking book which whisks you back to a different footballing era.” Brian Reade, The Mirror
  • “A veritable Dundee cake of a book.” – Danny Kelly, talkSport
  • “A long soak in a warm bath of football nostalgia.” – Mail on Sunday Live magazine

…and The Lost World of Football:

  • “Obviously, everybody over the age of 40 is going to absolutely love this. There’s something for every fan of every club.” – Andy Jacobs, talkSport
  • “The book is superb – an actual step up, if possible, on Got, Not Got. Got it, love it… lost about five hours at the weekend!” – In Bed With Maradona
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1 Response to Pic of the Day: Gordon Strachan hits the Centapost

  1. graham64 says:

    What would be worth “more” – the Centapost game or the Centapost shirt/football?

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