The old-school ‘action replay’ – bring back goal diagrams with arrows and dots!

Long before the age of Youtube or even the ubiquitous video recorder, there was no easy way to replay golden goals from the past – you just had to wait for them to be reshown on Football Focus, which could often prove quite a lengthy wait if you were were waiting for a specific goal…

For example,  Archie Gemmill’s wonder-run and cheeky chipped strike against Holland in the 1978 World Cup. Well, by pure coincidence, you’re in luck: right now, via the magic of the Marshall Cavendish Football Handbook (in 873 weekly parts) and a smashing arrow- and dot-laded diagram, we can serve you up that very goal in stunning ImaginationVision, complete with added slight confusion!
For good measure, here’s Liverpool winning the 1978 European Cup against Bruges at Wembley. Souness chests it down… lays a smart throughball to Dalglish… and, oh yes! 1-0 to the Reds!
And here’s another time-lapse cracker from Norwich City’s John Ryan against Derby. We don’t remember this one, but we’ll warrant it’s from circa 1978. The great Martin Peters… nods on to young Kevin Reeves… and it falls to Ryan outside the box… and oof! It’s Canary heaven!

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6 Responses to The old-school ‘action replay’ – bring back goal diagrams with arrows and dots!

  1. futoomph says:

    That is some great art. Is there a book full of these pictures?

  2. futoomph says:

    Just bought Marshall Cavendish book on amazon.

  3. notgot says:

    Hi Trev, Cooyer, didn’t know there was one. Will have to look that one up.

    I love the way your eye follows eg Gemmill through the picture, and how the players he’s beating only come into focus when they’re needed.

    Can’t think of any similar depiction of time in a drawing!

  4. futoomph says:

    Paco Diaz used to runs like that every week in Roy of the Rovers.
    Gemmill part 2 is great, you can see the whole movement in that little sketch.

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