Saturday eBay Trawl… featuring Adidas WC78 limited edition boots and Jag club colours wallchart!

You can look, but you can’t touch…

‘Got, Not Got’ wanders though the Valley of Lost Treasure… starting with this 1968 club colours wallchart from issue 2 of Jag comic, which is magical for so many reasons. Firstly, no one remembers Jag as a standalone comic, just as an adjunct to Tiger. Secondly, wow look at Alloa Athletic’s fantastic black and red hoopy kit… and Ards! And Airdrie! And Aldershot! And that’s just the A’s! Of course we all need it… but bids start at £4.95…

Almost unbelievably, the same seller has this extremely cool 1950s quiz book up for grabs, though again at a rather optimistic £9.95 for 32 pages. Author Victor Rae is the Hon General Secretary of the London Society of Referees, so it must be good.
Sample question: “What should the referee do if a penalty kick needs to be retaken and half-time expires before this can be done?”
Er… eh?
Put up for sale almost casually as “ADIDAS WORLD CUP 78 LIMITED EDITION FOOTBALL BOOTS WITH BOOT BAG & CLEANING KIT”, this distinctly desirable item was one of a limited edition of 1,978. You see what they were doing there? Making us feel physically sick with envy and lust. Yours for £500.
Finally, a heartbreakingly bittersweet Coffer badge from the last time the Scottish nation experienced a surge of optimism, in the run-up to that same World Cup, 34 years ago.
At £9.99 it’s not cheap, but if it could bring back that priceless 1978 feeling that anything’s possible, it would be quite a bargain.

If you are going on holiday in the UK this year it will probably piss down most of the time so you will need to take ‘Got, Not Got’ with you, available here

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