Saturday lunchtime eBay Trawl…

You can look, but you can’t touch…

‘Got, Not Got’ wanders though the valley of lost treasure…

What could be better than seeing your new diving action Striker goalie tipping one round the post? Only the same thing, BUT UNDER FLOODLIGHTS!!
You might pick up something of a bargain here. The starting price of a humble 99p has not yet been met, though there are four days to go.

Also on the 99p bottom shelf, for the time being, is this Norwich City rosette.

But these tatty old concoctions of cereal packet cardboard and material seem to be fetching very good prices lately, so expect that price to go up.

Here’s something we didn’t know… that ‘fish scale’ Adidas kit style that Holland and the USSR had in Euro 88 was also available in DDR blue.

It is rarer than an England appearance in the Euro semis, and that is reflected in it’s Buy it Now price of £120.
For any young people reading this DDR was the east side of Germany in the days when Europe was divided in half by a big curtain made of iron.

I have to admit I am sorely tempted by this pile of ‘red backs’.

This A&BC set from 1974-75 is one of my favourites with the yellow frames lending them a cheery aspect. However, £8.75 and climbing, could see me having to fold.

Or you could just but ‘Got, Not Got’ here or here…  one day it could be a collectors item!


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