Fun at the Euros: 1967 European Club Colour Sticker Set – Every One Completely Wrong!

A big thumbs-up to the Danish Dandy sticker company, who in 1967 somehow managed to produce a set of pan-European club colours stickers and get every one wrong.
First the Dandy snappers assembled a large gaggle of all their mates on a deserted estuary golf course just outside Copenhagen, cleverly asking them all to come in their Sunday League team kits.  Then they shepherded their gangly, bored mukkas out on to the chilly tundra, assigning each player a club according to faded memories of extremely approximate colour schemes. If they didn’t know, they guessed.
The result – comedy gold. Check out the rest of Europe shivering on the 18th-hole tundra at the wonderful Danish fodballhistorik website.
This sneak peek at Krap Klub Kolors represents our first attempt to prove that we’re the only football website you’ll need to consult on a daily basis during the Euros. Can’t wait, eh?

Father’s Day gift ideas of quality and distinction here. Price slashed. Tears of joy, tears of laughter guaranteed, etc.

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