The FA Cup loses a little more of its shine…

In the long, long list of the FA’s crass, greedy and most baffling decisions comes their latest outrage…

In the face of a 90 year tradition The FA Cup Final will be kicking off at 5.15 this year, rather than 3.00. Having already undermined the special feel of the occasion by routinely staging both semi-finals at Wembley (as if it were just another ‘venue for hire’ for functions) they have now further tarnished the trophy with this decision made simply to chase audience ratings.
This isn’t ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, it’s the oldest cup competition in the world and shouldn’t have to suffer the indignity of chasing after viewers. The FA Cup deserves better treatment than this from it’s current guardians.
While the FA continues to see nothing but pound signs then things will get worse. You wonder if they have ever heard the story of the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg?
The FA claim to have taken the decision after researching the opinion of fans, although the results haven’t been published and I have yet to find anyone who agrees with this decision.
How about they put a poll on with two buttons – 3 and 5.15 – and abide by the result?

Meanwhile spare a thought for the thousands of fans who will still be making their way home from the League One and Two fixtures this afternoon as Liverpool and Chelsea kick off at Wembley…

As you can’t tune into ‘Cup Final It’s a Knockout’ any more, curl up with this instead… ‘Got, Not Got’

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5 Responses to The FA Cup loses a little more of its shine…

  1. Andrew says:

    It’s just bonkers. Even Sunday at 3pm would have been better than the teatime Saturday TV slot. Being on the tube a couple of years ago on the way to Wembley to watch Pompey in the cup final, I was surrounded by Arsenal fans. Was that the first final that clashed with premiership matches? I think this is the first that clashes with lower league games. They’ll say it’s not a clash with all the 3pm kick-offs, but you’d have to live literally next door to a ground to be home in time for 5.15. Gah!

  2. Disgraceful! Should you want to relive or maybe reenact some of the fun of your childhood you can download the 1975 Tiger & Scorcher Wallchart, and fill in todays teams. It even has space for your man of the match!

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