Soccer Tribe Club Colours… HELP!

Iowa based ‘Got, Not Got’ Facebook member Erik Hogstrom set us the task of naming the clubs featured in this wonderful graphic from the Desmond Morris  book The Soccer Tribe…

As you can see below, we have created more heat than light in the debate up to now. Can you help?

Erik Hogstrom – ‘The 92 English League clubs arranged according to their colours’, from ‘The Soccer Tribe’ by Desmond Morris (kits circa 1977).
The green one is simple. Can you name all the orange/tangerine ones?

Got, Not Got –  Oldham, Newport, Luton…??
Some wonderful graphics in that book. Still remember it arriving in its corrugated wrapper from Book Club and being thrilled with it.

Derek Hammond – It does just happen to be me and Gary’s fave football book ever! No wonder he got the four oranges, big cheat.

Derek Hammond – Hmm no, they were pretty easy but I defy anyone to get the four immediately to the oranges’ right… I think they made a mistake and put East Fife in –

Trevor Arthur – York, Newport, Cambridge, Bradford?

Derek Hammond – You and Gazza have both got Newport, so one of you must be wrong! Hard to see what colour the one on right is meant to be… looks kind of brown, thought initially the first one was Burnley.

Trevor Arthur – Blackpool, Aldershot, Hull and Luton for the oranges I’d guess. Scunthorpe will have to be in the other gang I suppose if only two clarets at bottom.

Derek Hammond – The browns are still stumping me. Cambridge must be one of them. I think maybe Oldham in orange and blue and Aldershot in red and blue?

Derek Hammond – Wolves!

Erik Hogstrom – ‘Got, Not Got’ has proven to me that as a kid growing up in California (I now live in Iowa), I was not entirely alone in saving old Shoot Magazines, assorted player cards and Desmond Morris’ The Soccer Tribe.
It just so happens the like-minded kids such as myself were several thousand miles away, across an ocean.

Got, Not Got – I’m sticking with my original four. I think he has Wolves and Hull down as yellow. Newport were ‘amber’.

Got, Not Got – Erm.. Actually that could be Wolves on the right, near Cambridge. But that leaves us with too many yellows.

Erik Hogstrom – I figured the one with the ‘V’ must be Burnley. I think Oldham had reverted to blue shirts by 1977 (ish), so they weren’t among the oranges.

Derek Hamond – How can Burnley be lumped in with Cambridge?
Up the Sky Browns!


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10 Responses to Soccer Tribe Club Colours… HELP!

  1. Definitely Burnley with the blue V on brown. As for the oranges – Blackpool? Mansfield? Wolves/Watford? Luton? I’m using to Martin Tyler’s Soccer Club Colours, published in 1976 to aid my decision. Derek – if you’re at football tonight, I’ll bring it along for discussion!

  2. I think the one next to Coventry must be Cardiff, albeit with the stripe looking a bit more orange than yellow.
    Thank goodness Orient are easy to spot — white with the two red stripes. Brilliant…

  3. thefoxfanzine says:

    No arguments on the Cardiff, Coventry, Chester, Carlisle, Bristol Rovers, Blackburn, Peterborough, West Brom run…
    Strangely Newport also had that Peterborough kit for one season.

  4. oafcmetty says:

    Oldham were in blue around that time…

  5. No mistaking my beloved Pee-yorts-muff either – middle of the top with those natty red socks. Good to see my favourite Crystal Palace kit too!

  6. notgot says:

    Come to think of it, Burnley were more wishy-washy reddish clreat claret than nice bright purply claret Villa and W Ham… but no way was it in the same colour range as Cambridge.

    Yes the other brown and black stripy one must be Bradford

    Simon, I’ll be at football, let’s see that book of yours.

    Big new question – Who are the three teams wearing yellow and blue, and why the cock aren’t they grouped together? Mansfield is one of them….

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