It’s almost as if you’re there: stadiums in miniature and from the air

It’s almost as if you’re there, at St James’ Park back in the early 80s. Provided you were a passing Magpie, that is.

newcastle st james park model - got not got newcastle unitedThis custom-built mini ground comes courtesy of Gavin Haigh, the Toon supercollector who’s been helping us out with precious clutter for the forthcoming Got, Not Got: Newcastle United – which looks like being a real cracker.

Anybody got any more groovy mini versions of their old haunts? The kind that make you want to get right up close and squint a bit and pretend it’s the Golden Age?

I used to have a book called ‘Football Grounds from the Air’, or summat. That was dead good too. Anybody still got it? I’ve got a sudden urge to hover over Fellows Park, Highbury, the old Baseball Ground. Dean Court, on holiday circa 1971…

This is ace too: St. James’s in the 70s.


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