The Lost World of Football: Curious Kits Special!?!

Football fans of a certain age love nothing more than a weird, confusing or downright kaleidoscopic kit…
a weakness which is lovingly pandered to in the latest Got, Not Got: Lost World of Football books, stuffed with fab York Y-fronts, matchworn yellow Admiral Wales away with Rasta tramlines, sock tags and… we could go on.

How much would you pay for one of these 1976 Admiral Man U pyjama tracky jobs today? The book is considerably cheaper!
Man United 1975-76 (away kit)-track xxxxElsewhere in the world of memorabilia and confusing rose-tinted memories, how about these footy cards off eBay? Jimmy Greaves in Liverpool kit? Maradona playing for Spurs? Charlie George for Forest? Eh?
beck+As featured in The Lost World of Football, here’s David Harvey of Leeds mixing and matching his club and country kit in 1978. Yet more Smiley surprises and Leeds in red kit in the Leeds edition!
Leeds vs Leicester 78xxxxHere’s an exclusive peek at the Chelsea and Cov pages in The Lost World – featuring the infamous ‘T’-shirt and Peter Osgood in the most bizarre Chelsea kit in history!
640 chelse photoxxx (2)Finally, the ultimate baad (as in otherly great) reference page, our favourite on the ace Historical Football Kits site.
weird changeIt’s Christmas! Time for Subbuteo accessories, new kit and supersonic football annuals under the tree!
The club editions and ‘What a Shot!’ are now available on Amazon via the following links:

Manchester United 

Leeds United

West Ham United

What a Shot!

‘The Lost World of Football’ is available now in branches of WH Smiths and Waterstones or can be ordered here…  

lwof bottom

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4 Responses to The Lost World of Football: Curious Kits Special!?!

  1. Karris says:

    Just finished reading one of Garys kit articles from ’91 (in WSC ‘Offside) when this post popped up! Can’t wait to get the new book, my copy of Got, Not Got is getting quite dog-eared already;)

  2. I used to have that Coventry 1970 green and black striped shirt as a lad – I loved it, and still do. Didn’t Plymouth Argyle play in that too? As for the all-brown, you have to admire its turd-tinted daring, though I can’t quite decide if it’s a thing of fecal beauty or a joke at the expense of some poor sod who showed up for training one day and got caught short with the stomach flu.

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