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More of Your Rubbish 80s Photos – 4

Many thanks those of you who have donated your efforts to the 80s Crappy Snaps Football Exhibition… From the pre-digital days of point and hope… Leeds Road, Huddersfield Town. Thanks to Ian du Feu of the GotNotGot Twitterati, who sent … Continue reading

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More photos of 80s matches that are a bit rubbish…

More disappointment via the viewfinder of our happy snappy crappy 80s cameras… “It looked much better on the day…” The Hawthorns, West Bromwich Albion. I’m not even in the ground yet and I’m already snapping away.  Sadly, due to the … Continue reading


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Hastily Recoloured Stickers: Casper and Sinclair

Welcome once more to the FKS Wonderful World of Soccer Stars in Action picture stamp album 1969-70… There was a time, about forty years ago, when footballers could afford to be in colour, but the crowd were still in black … Continue reading

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It Will Always Be St James’ Park To Us

Whatever Newcastle owner Mike Ashley decides to call it, it is still St James’ Park… Perhaps taking advantage of the fact that Newcastle fans are currently delighted with their lofty league position, Ashley has taken the opportunity to disrepect 119 … Continue reading

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