Time running out to get your special gift Subscribers’ Copy of Glove Story!

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NOW FOR LIMITED PERIOD ONLY at http://www.conkereditions.co.uk: Glove Story Special Subscribers’ copy, signed with your name printed inside – just £15. Glove Story: The No.1 book for every goalkeeper, past and present – just £10. Continue reading

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Pre-order your copy of Glove Story – from Conker Editions

Glove Story: The Number 1 book for every goalkeeper, past and present is now available for pre-order, to be shipped as soon it’s published on 7 November. The book was written by Rob Stokes along with Derek Hammond and Gary Silke, and is the first book to be published by Conker Editions. (That’s us!)

Please do have a click around the new Conker website and see what we’ve got to offer. You can order your copy of Glove Story, or get your name printed inside a special signed subscribers’ copy. You could even add the name of the goalie in your life – a great Christmas gift idea! All this and a massive goalie poster, too…

glove story cover rgb version 700

On the Conker site, you can find out a bit about the new publishing company, about national charity, Willow, and the Art of Goalkeeping. That’s the new site set up by illustrator Doug Nash to sell posters of his amazing goalkeeper artwork, as featured on the endpapers of Glove Story and throughout the book.

Click on the Conker and something magical will happen. If you’re lucky, it might mean a smashing addition to your prezzie pile on Christmas morning…

conker logo website






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Glove Story ‘Goalie Heroes’ pic appeal

Calling all goalies! Have you got any photos from back in the day, featuring a youthful you and one of your goalie heroes?

If so, please do bung the pics to us as soon as possible for your chance to star in GLOVE STORY alongside the likes of Shilton, Banks, Burridge, David James, David Seaman, Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle and Dragoje ‘The Eel’ Leković (Kilmarnock & Yugoslavia).


Clearly, our Goalie Heroes pages are the way forward to fame and fortune (well, a free book). Early adopters on a path to glory include Steve Hale, pictured here with Peter Bonetti (great work, ‘The Cat’ – Steve is now head of goalkeeping at Forest Green Rovers!) and Pete Weller, who is apparently being set free after a night in the cells with Neville Southall.

Please do send your own Goalie Heroes pics right away!

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Glove Story: so what’s inside?

Out this November, GLOVE STORY is a visual feast, featuring a unique collection of goalkeeping memorabilia and original illustrations by Doug Nash. Gloves and stars’ shirts from the 60s to date, vintage games and equipment catalogues appear alongside photography covering goalkeeping from park to international level.

glove story cover rgb version 700

The book sets out to capture the essence of what it means to be a goalkeeper, shining a light on the concerns and obsessions of everyone who has ever been a member of the Keepers’ Union. We’re talking:

  • Exclusive interviews with legendary goalkeepers – memories, tips, stories, plus ‘My First Gloves’
  • Games, toys and memorabilia – from Subbuteo and Striker to Tonka and Corinthians
  • Features on all the top brands – adidas, uhlsport, reusch, Coffer, Sondico, Sells…
  • Secret goalies, from Arthur Conan-Doyle and Che Guevara to David Icke
  • The evolution of goalkeeping shirts, gloves, boots, training and thinking
  • Memories of goalkeeping summer schools
  • Fictional, cartoon, stand-in and endorsement-friendly keepers
  • The dawn of modern goalkeeping, coaching and development
  • The greatest ever saves, quotations, superstitions, blunders and Kids in Kit
  • Budgie – and whether Goalkeepers are Crazy, or just Different…

Here’s a few pics to give you a taster…


Thanks to mini-Nev Southall and co. Plus photographer Pete Blackman – cheers Pete! Can anyone guess where this was taken?


Spot the quality step-up in the GB Coffer range? Make mine a large one…

FullSizeRender copy

Thanks to Mark Chilab for his youthful contribution to our Kids in Kits goalies special!

Unnamed attachment

Left or right? To find out the definitive scientific answer get Glove Story this Xmas! Thanks to Dave Morcom for the pic.

DSCF8880 copy

Shirts left to right: The late great Les Sealey (Luton Town, matchworn), Alan Knight (Portsmouth), Uhlsport Jersey signed by Jimmy Rimmer, Nottingham Forest replica as worn by Mark Crossley & Steve Sutton. Photo: Pete Blackman.

keeperimage - 2
With thanks to Paul Woozley at oldfootballgames.co.uk – tons more of Paul’s insane tabletop games (and keepers) are featured in the book.
Bob Wilson Photos_0046 copy

Bob & Megs with staff and pupils at their goalkeeping school in Hertfordshire.

GLOVE STORY. From the authors of Got Not Got plus Rob Stokes and a cast of thousands. Ten quid to you. Out in November on the Conker label. 

All the author royalties from the book will be donated to the Willow Foundation.


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The Number 1 book for every goalkeeper, past and present

Aimed at goalkeepers and football fans, GLOVE STORY is set to become the 20th book in the popular Got Not Got series, to be published by Conker Editions in November 2017. There’s never been a goalie book like it.

glove story cover rgb version 700

Are you, or have you ever been, a goalkeeper?

Do you dream of pulling on a quilted green or Dayglo orange football shirt? Does it make you sigh, just thinking about enormous latex gloves – or of diving in muddy puddles? If so, this might just be the football book for you.

Lavishly illustrated, GLOVE STORY marks out its territory and aims to cover every possible angle from the unique perspective of the goal-line. Memories and memorabilia. Gloves through the ages. Timeless tips. From goalie gear to keeper culture, GLOVE STORY safely gathers tales of larger-than-life characters, shot-stopping obsession and psychology between the sticks.

If your idea of the perfect Match of the Day is seven 0-0 draws – if you suffered from penalty phobia, or have ever secretly stashed a lucky charm in your glovebag – then you’ll need to catch GLOVE STORY.

GLOVE STORY will be available soon for advance order, priced at £10.00. All the author royalties from the book will be donated in support of the Willow Foundation.

Watch this space for more details, sneak previews and press kits. Look out for vintage goalie gear, astonishing stories, top tips, bad football cards, weird history, bizarre toys, exclusive star interviews and fantastic Top 100 goalie posters designed by GLOVE STORY illustrator Doug Nash – also in support of Willow.

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Glove Story

Are you, or have you ever been, a goalkeeper?

Do you dream of pulling on a quilted green or Dayglo orange football shirt? Does it make you sigh, just thinking about enormous latex gloves – or of diving in muddy puddles? If so, this might just be the football book for you.

glove story cards edit

Brought to you by the magic of GoalieVision, here’s a zoomed-in pic of the pile of old football cards and stickers featured in our recent Furnace of Creativity post.

Glove Story is coming soon. Many of these stars will feature.


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Got Not Got: the Furnace of Creativity

Last year, 2016, was the first to tick by without a new Got Not Got book since 2011, so it’s great to be back on the case with big plans to ruin Christmas morning for hundreds of wives, mums and girlfriends up and down the country.

Here we are in the fabled Furnace of Creativity – aka Gary’s dining table – with GNG new boy Rob Stokes. He’s the one with hair.

the best of all possible worlds copy

Watch this space over the next few days to discover what the new book’s all about.

Or alternatively you might just zoom in on the big pile of footy cards and stickers on the table.

Or on the bespoke glossy sticker on Derek’s computer.

Or you could look up Rob Stokes in a really big book of former footballers from the Portsmouth area and see where he used to play.*

No peeking at his Twitter feed, mind. Or his Instagram wotsit.

Exciting times ahead…


* No, you’ve gone and looked up Bobby Stokes – born in Portsmouth, famously played up front for Southampton, but did of course end his career back in Pompey. Our Rob may be a Portsmouth fan, but he played for Waterlooville from 1989 to 1998!

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