The greatest World Cup match that never was?

Check out the array of European talent on display here – a best-of compilation that arguably equals any individual match in the World Cup history of the era. But these stars, collectively totalling over 1,000 caps, came together for a match that’s now completely forgotten… There’s loads more curious, beautiful, big-match and downright hilarious football programmes in the Got, Not Got Football Gift Book, forthcoming in 2019.

This curio features refugees from the game-changing Hungarian side of the mid ’50s, including the great Ferenc Puskas. France’s Just Fontaine, the all-time record goalscorer in a single World Cup. The Barcelona legend Ladislav Kubala,  who not only played for his native Hungary but also Czechoslovakia and Spain. Spanish giant Francisco Gento. Germany’s 1966 sweeper Willi Schulz. Austrian star and influential coach Ernst Happel… And they’re up against a Who’s Who of British talent from various ’50s and ’60s finals, including Finney, Charles, Wright, Haynes, Blanchflower, Armfield and Cohen. The best British team of the era ever assembled..?

world cup prog

What’s strange about the match is that it wasn’t played not in the ’50s or ’60s but in 1972, in front of a tiny crowd of just 5,000, at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge. With Brian Moore as live commentator!

Got anything weird or wonderful, worthy of inclusion in the programme section of the GNG Gift Book – the football fan’s catalogue of desires? Please do get in touch!

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Come on, England!

Let’s zoom right in and analyse exactly how it feels when England kick off a World Cup campaign in some faraway foreign field. There’s lashings of hope and beer to steady to the nerves, flags to wave and rattles/vuvuzelas to annoy your neighbour with – either out in Russia or at home. 

The sum effect is enough to make you feel ten again…

ken baily

Here’s a little Subbuteo bloke who sums it up nicely – a star of the forthcoming Got, Not Got Football Gift Book, which has similar consequences for your mental age…

gnggb cover rgb

Mind you, zoom in too close on England mascot Ken Baily’s toothless, haunted fizzog, and he does admittedly look a bit the worse for wear after 52 years of optimistic celebration.

The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book

Do you remember the feeling you used to get, poring over the glossy pages of your mum’s mail-order catalogue, craving new football kit, cool games and hot tech? Bask once again in that heady vintage swirl of greed, envy and lust. The flash white boots you always longed for, the Subbuteo teams of your dreams are now within your grasp.

The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book is crammed with the most irresistible football stuff of the past 50 years – not to mention a liberal sprinkling of delightful old rubbish that was once flogged to wide-eyed kids. Seasoned with bittersweet stories from the lost world of football, its catalogue sections cover everything from must-have football fashions and player endorsements to favourite sticker albums and funky Cup final vinyl.

Featuring ‘In Focus’ star interviews and tempting Top 10s, the Gift Book provides a ready-made Christmas list for optimistic fans, triggering just the same heartfelt yearning as the bumper Autumn/ Winter catalogue of yore.

Special subscriber copies available in 2019 – complete with collectable bonus extras – from Conker Editions. 

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A sneak peek at the new Got, Not Got Football Gift Book

With the World Cup just about to kick off, it seems like a fitting time to introduce the new Got, Not Got Football Gift Book, which will be out later this year. 

Based on an old-school mail-order catalogue, it features irresistible sections covering everything from football fashions, games, tech and stickers to star endorsements, World Cup petrol freebies and funky Cup final vinyl. It’s crammed with the most desirable football stuff of the past 50 years – not to mention a liberal sprinkling of delightful old rubbish that was flogged to wide-eyed kids in times past. And, along the way, it just happens to reveal who wins the World Cup…

gnggb cover rgb
One of the thousands of enviable items featured is an actual football computer that came with the enviable 1970 World Cup Datakit. It is a rotating circle of cardboard with amazing properties, and it still works to this day.

We analysed the pages of data, factored in the top-secret facts provided, fed in the form and Goal-Power Contrast info – and, hey presto! The computer sensationally revealed the winner of the World Cup…

datakit computer

According to the patent-applied-for Datakit Form Computer, the winner of the 2018 World Cup is… Brazil!

Quick, put your shirt on them beating El Salvador 4-1 in the final.

subbuteo world cup copy

Do you remember the feeling you used to get, poring over the glossy pages of your mum’s mail-order catalogue, craving new football kit, irresistible games and futuristic tech? Bask once again in that heady vintage swirl of greed, envy and lust. The flash white boots you always longed for, the Subbuteo teams of your dreams are now within your grasp.

The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book – coming next year from Conker Editions

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Get your name in ‘Can’t Buy That Feeling – The Best of The Fox Interviews’…

‘Can’t Buy That Feeling – Inside Leicester City – The Best of The Fox Interviews’ is a new title from Conker Editions this summer…

cbtf cover for wordpress

The FOX have finally got round to compiling all their interviews into one book and you can subscribe to it now at Conker Editions Ltd.

A subscribers’ copy of Can’t Buy That Feeling – Inside Leicester City includes three special features:
— Your name will appear in a subscribers’ roll of honour inside the book. (Or you could add the name of the City fan in your life, a great gift idea!)
— Your copy of the book will be signed (and, if you wish, personally dedicated) by the authors
— And you’ll receive your copy before the official publication date in August

The FOX has been interviewing Leicester City players, managers, famous fans and board members for almost three decades, building up a body of work that takes you right into the very fabric of the club, with memories spanning the last 60 years.

As a City fan, you’ve come to know hundreds of players through their performance on the pitch, through potted career biographies and football sticker images. But what about the real characters behind the blue shirt and the back-page reports?

Can’t Buy That Feeling takes you inside LCFC from the perspective of those who were there – behind the scenes at the long-running soap opera packed with moments of comedy and tragedy, triumph and disaster, silverware and financial ruin.


Read the best of The Fox interviews and you will discover:

o How it feels to score a last-minute winner at Wembley
o Who bore the brunt of Stan Collymore’s fire extinguisher
o How it feels to be a World Cup winner, and axed by Leicester City
o Which City star was run out of his local for moving to Leicester
o The identity of the City player who chased half the Chelsea team down the tunnel
o Players’ big-match memories, their real opinions of their bosses, team-mates and fans…

steve claridge

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London football 72/73 quiz: How many can you name, eh?

No peeping at football cards, no claiming a point just because you know the face and the name will almost certainly come to you if you give it a minute, no moaning that Watford isn’t in London, no peeping at football stickers either, no point in trying to kid yourself about your final total, because in the end you’ll only be kidding yourself.

london 1972Answers on a postcard to the Evening Standard, closing date 12 August 1972. Honest marks out of 74 and baffled queries/poor excuses accepted here or on Twitter @gotnotgot (PS where you click click on the pic and make it bigger)

At this point, we’d just like to say that this isn’t fair because you’ve got no chance unless you’re a Charlton or Millwall fan, and as for that bloke five from the end on the bottom row – never mind who he is, the big question is, who does he bloody play for?

Big thanks to Rob Stokes, author of Glove Story, for spoiling everybody’s smashing Bank Holiday weekend. Look out for more of these heart-pounding vintage thrills in the forthcoming Got, Not Got Football Gift Book: Every Fan’s Catalogue of Desires.


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It’s a Big Weekend for Manchester City Folklore

Big news for City fans. Getting presented with the Premier League trophy will be a cause for modest celebration this weekend. Plus Gary James’s long-awaited new book, Manchester City Folklore: What Every Blue Needs to Know is now available to pre-order in a special subscribers’ offer from Conker Editions.

City Folklore is based on Gary’s popular page in the City programme. Have a click around the Conker Editions website, where you can order the book and see what else we’re up to…

Representing the fruits of six years’ research by the acclaimed Manchester football historian, City Folklore is a must-read for every fan of the club. Packed with colour images, it reveals countless new stories and insights into the mythology of Manchester City.

Manchester City Folklore reveals an incredible array of stories, true Blue moments and characters that helped shape the club. This is City’s DNA, originally researched and mapped by acclaimed historian Gary James.

Based on the popular feature in the official City programme, the book gets right to the heart of the club. Read Manchester City Folklore and you will discover:

  • The latest exclusive research into the birth of the club – as told by a witness present at its formation in 1880
  • How City chants started – from ‘Blue Moon’ to an anthem based on a ‘60s film
  • Why Blue? The significance of City’s first colours and other kits
  • The story of the Kippax
  • The unique attributes of City’s great captains, comparing every major trophy-winning skipper
  • Your own part in the story: records and facts demonstrating the loyalty of City’s fans
  • Dozens more nuggets providing insights into City’s great history and status as a Mancunian institution stretching back to the 19th century

Gary James is the author of 16 books on Manchester football, and cares passionately about ensuring City’s story is properly recorded. Gary has been a season ticket holder since 1984, and a programme contributor since 1994.

All for the regular RRP of £15, early subscribers will see their names added to a roll of honour in the book; your copy will be signed and personally dedicated by the author, and you’ll receive it before the official publication date in August. Click here to visit the Conker Editions website. 

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Take a look inside Glove Story

It’s a bit like that Amazon feature where you can sneakily read half a book before anybody’s even noticed. But this time we don’t mind. No really, go ahead. Have a peep inside what will shortly be your very own copy of Glove Story.

And just in case this shotstopper showcase doesn’t tip the balance, we’ll paste some smashing media reviews down at the bottom of the page as well.

What the media are saying about Glove Story

It’s yours for a tenner from Conker Editions

“Fully justifies its self-styled description of being the number one book for every goalkeeper, past and present. The perfect stocking filler for anyone who has ever taken their place between the sticks or simply goes wobbly at the knees at the mere mention of Uhlsport, Sondico or Coffer. More exclusive interviews and anecdotes from some of the game’s goalkeeping greats. Lavishly designed. Stunning. Magnificent.” —

“When it says it’s the no.1 book for every goalkeeper it means it. A glorious collection of memorabilia and images touching on just about everything you can think of regarding goalies. If you’re a fan of the ‘Got, Not Got’ series then you’ll almost certainly like this. In addition, all the author royalties from the book go to Bob Wilson’s Willow Foundation.” –talkSPORT Christmas Gift Guide

“An ode to the goalkeeper – too often football’s overlooked scapegoat. Not only can you reconnect with your carefree childhood, but you are different – and often the difference. Goalkeepers get a bad rap. They deserve to be celebrated more than they have been. A fun ode to goalkeepers, bringing together an array of stories from the world of goalkeeping.” –The i Paper

“A goalkeeping version of Got, Not Got. Glove Story promises to be another winner, packed as it is with easily digestible mix of photographs, memories, memorabilia and large chunks of subjectivity. All great stuff and a perfect stocking filler.” –Sports Book of the Month

The book for all with a goalkeeper’s-eye view of the game. Packed full of exclusive interviews with some goalkeeping greats. You can read about the great brands, games, cartoon characters, kits and just about every other aspect… but you don’t have to have been one to enjoy this book.” –The League Mag

“Fine book illustrating what’s in goalkeepers’ heads as much as goalkeeping artefacts. Wallowing in goalkeeping sentiment and lore, the book is terrific.” –Francis Hodgson, author of Only the Goalkeeper to Beat

“Buy this book – inside it’s laid out fantastically well with superb illustrations and has colour on every page. The most enigmatic of positions.  Usually the maddest man in the squad.  When he’s good he’s loved – think Pat Jennings, Sepp Maier,  The Goalie, Peter Bonetti – hell, one of my earliest heroes was Felix the Brazil goalkeeper in the 1970 World Cup! “ –Follow, Follow

“A collection of goalkeeping memorabilia, vintage product images, goalkeeping memories and interviews. The ideal gift for any goalkeeper past or present but you don’t have to be a member of the Goalkeepers Union to appreciate this book. By purchasing this book you’ll also be doing some good as all the author royalties are being donated to the Willow Foundation.” –The Boot Room blog Christmas Gift Guide

Lots of positive reader reviews on Amazon, too…

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