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More Balls…

After last week’s deluge of the old faithful orange and black Wembley Trophy balls we now focus on the player endorsed models… This Jimmy Greaves approved “perfect training ball” was another in the Mettoy Wembley range, the ‘Official’. It belongs … Continue reading

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Lots of Balls…

Since we voiced our concerns about the possible extinction of the classic orange and black 1970s Wembley Trophy ball earlier this week, we have been inundated with them…  We thought every last one of them had bounced under a lorry, … Continue reading

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The very red red of a Patrick Xerox Southampton shirt…

‘Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Southampton’ is now available on Amazon…  You can buy it HERE… In the meantime, enjoy David Breach’s piece on his favourite shirt… “There have been many memorable, noteworthy and unforgettable kits – and … Continue reading

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Timpo Footballers

Timpo were best known for their Saturday morning adverts for ‘Wild West Trains’ and all the cowboy, indian and cavalry figures that went with them… but they also dipped their toe in the waters of football… This set came unpainted, … Continue reading

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Subbuteo rarity in ‘Got, Not Got: Southampton’…

Thanks to Martin Bennett’s fine collection of Saints stuff, we have plenty of material for the Subbuteo spread… Including something that we think might be very rare. No, not this ‘Ron Davies’… … or this ‘Ivan Golac’… … or this … Continue reading

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Going home for dinner and lunchtime football matches

It’s lunch hour and time to track down a Tesco’s £3 meal deal… but do you remember going home for dinner? If you fancy clawing back some 1970s-style sense of freedom – of time ticking by at half the pace … Continue reading

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Tears for souvenirs (shops)…

‘Got, Not Got’ is missing the old style Souvenir Shops, tucked in a corner of the ground, where there was room…  There’s a lot more going on down the ground than kicking a ball around these days. We’re talking business-class … Continue reading

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Hastily repainted football cards – Topps

In pre-Photoshop days how did football card producers cover up the fact that they didn’t have a photo of a football player in his new club’s kit? At Topps, they got the paintbox out, and hoped we wouldn’t notice. We … Continue reading

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Copycat, copycat, sitting on the doormat…

During our extensive months of research for new title – ‘Fully Programmed’ we couldn’t help noticing that some matchday programmes bore a remarkable likeness to those that had gone before… Homage…. recycling…. nicking… whatever you want to call it here … Continue reading

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Scots Mash-Up Team Group Mystery?

We need some help from north of the border – what’s going on here, mon? We thought we were looking at an early promotional photo for the new Scottish Premier League in at the start of the 1975-76 season, but … Continue reading

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