Come on, England!

Let’s zoom right in and analyse exactly how it feels when England kick off a World Cup campaign in some faraway foreign field. There’s lashings of hope and beer to steady to the nerves, flags to wave and rattles/vuvuzelas to annoy your neighbour with – either out in Russia or at home. 

The sum effect is enough to make you feel ten again…

ken baily

Here’s a little Subbuteo bloke who sums it up nicely – a star of the forthcoming Got, Not Got Football Gift Book, which has similar consequences for your mental age…

gnggb cover rgb

Mind you, zoom in too close on England mascot Ken Baily’s toothless, haunted fizzog, and he does admittedly look a bit the worse for wear after 52 years of optimistic celebration.

The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book

Do you remember the feeling you used to get, poring over the glossy pages of your mum’s mail-order catalogue, craving new football kit, cool games and hot tech? Bask once again in that heady vintage swirl of greed, envy and lust. The flash white boots you always longed for, the Subbuteo teams of your dreams are now within your grasp.

The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book is crammed with the most irresistible football stuff of the past 50 years – not to mention a liberal sprinkling of delightful old rubbish that was once flogged to wide-eyed kids. Seasoned with bittersweet stories from the lost world of football, its catalogue sections cover everything from must-have football fashions and player endorsements to favourite sticker albums and funky Cup final vinyl.

Featuring ‘In Focus’ star interviews and tempting Top 10s, the Gift Book provides a ready-made Christmas list for optimistic fans, triggering just the same heartfelt yearning as the bumper Autumn/ Winter catalogue of yore.

Special subscriber copies available in 2019 – complete with collectable bonus extras – from Conker Editions. 

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