A sneak peek at the new Got, Not Got Football Gift Book

With the World Cup just about to kick off, it seems like a fitting time to introduce the new Got, Not Got Football Gift Book, which will be out later this year. 

Based on an old-school mail-order catalogue, it features irresistible sections covering everything from football fashions, games, tech and stickers to star endorsements, World Cup petrol freebies and funky Cup final vinyl. It’s crammed with the most desirable football stuff of the past 50 years – not to mention a liberal sprinkling of delightful old rubbish that was flogged to wide-eyed kids in times past. And, along the way, it just happens to reveal who wins the World Cup…

gnggb cover rgb
One of the thousands of enviable items featured is an actual football computer that came with the enviable 1970 World Cup Datakit. It is a rotating circle of cardboard with amazing properties, and it still works to this day.

We analysed the pages of data, factored in the top-secret facts provided, fed in the form and Goal-Power Contrast info – and, hey presto! The computer sensationally revealed the winner of the World Cup…

datakit computer

According to the patent-applied-for Datakit Form Computer, the winner of the 2018 World Cup is… Brazil!

Quick, put your shirt on them beating El Salvador 4-1 in the final.

subbuteo world cup copy

Do you remember the feeling you used to get, poring over the glossy pages of your mum’s mail-order catalogue, craving new football kit, irresistible games and futuristic tech? Bask once again in that heady vintage swirl of greed, envy and lust. The flash white boots you always longed for, the Subbuteo teams of your dreams are now within your grasp.

The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book – coming next year from Conker Editions

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