London football 72/73 quiz: How many can you name, eh?

No peeping at football cards, no claiming a point just because you know the face and the name will almost certainly come to you if you give it a minute, no moaning that Watford isn’t in London, no peeping at football stickers either, no point in trying to kid yourself about your final total, because in the end you’ll only be kidding yourself.

london 1972Answers on a postcard to the Evening Standard, closing date 12 August 1972. Honest marks out of 74 and baffled queries/poor excuses accepted here or on Twitter @gotnotgot (PS where you click click on the pic and make it bigger)

At this point, we’d just like to say that this isn’t fair because you’ve got no chance unless you’re a Charlton or Millwall fan, and as for that bloke five from the end on the bottom row – never mind who he is, the big question is, who does he bloody play for?

Big thanks to Rob Stokes, author of Glove Story, for spoiling everybody’s smashing Bank Holiday weekend. Look out for more of these heart-pounding vintage thrills in the forthcoming Got, Not Got Football Gift Book: Every Fan’s Catalogue of Desires.


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2 Responses to London football 72/73 quiz: How many can you name, eh?

  1. Dave Holmes says:

    It’s the middle of the night so I can’t work out my left from the right in the dark. I will try again, on the bottom row starting from the right bottom corner and going 5 photos to the left is Bert Murray of Brighton & Hove Albion. I think.

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