Glove Story ‘Goalie Heroes’ pic appeal

Calling all goalies! Have you got any photos from back in the day, featuring a youthful you and one of your goalie heroes?

If so, please do bung the pics to us as soon as possible for your chance to star in GLOVE STORY alongside the likes of Shilton, Banks, Burridge, David James, David Seaman, Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle and Dragoje ‘The Eel’ Leković (Kilmarnock & Yugoslavia).


Clearly, our Goalie Heroes pages are the way forward to fame and fortune (well, a free book). Early adopters on a path to glory include Steve Hale, pictured here with Peter Bonetti (great work, ‘The Cat’ – Steve is now head of goalkeeping at Forest Green Rovers!) and Pete Weller, who is apparently being set free after a night in the cells with Neville Southall.

Please do send your own Goalie Heroes pics right away!

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