Glove Story: so what’s inside?

Out this November, GLOVE STORY is a visual feast, featuring a unique collection of goalkeeping memorabilia and original illustrations by Doug Nash. Gloves and stars’ shirts from the 60s to date, vintage games and equipment catalogues appear alongside photography covering goalkeeping from park to international level.

glove story cover rgb version 700

The book sets out to capture the essence of what it means to be a goalkeeper, shining a light on the concerns and obsessions of everyone who has ever been a member of the Keepers’ Union. We’re talking:

  • Exclusive interviews with legendary goalkeepers – memories, tips, stories, plus ‘My First Gloves’
  • Games, toys and memorabilia – from Subbuteo and Striker to Tonka and Corinthians
  • Features on all the top brands – adidas, uhlsport, reusch, Coffer, Sondico, Sells…
  • Secret goalies, from Arthur Conan-Doyle and Che Guevara to David Icke
  • The evolution of goalkeeping shirts, gloves, boots, training and thinking
  • Memories of goalkeeping summer schools
  • Fictional, cartoon, stand-in and endorsement-friendly keepers
  • The dawn of modern goalkeeping, coaching and development
  • The greatest ever saves, quotations, superstitions, blunders and Kids in Kit
  • Budgie – and whether Goalkeepers are Crazy, or just Different…

Here’s a few pics to give you a taster…


Thanks to mini-Nev Southall and co. Plus photographer Pete Blackman – cheers Pete! Can anyone guess where this was taken?


Spot the quality step-up in the GB Coffer range? Make mine a large one…

FullSizeRender copy

Thanks to Mark Chilab for his youthful contribution to our Kids in Kits goalies special!

Unnamed attachment

Left or right? To find out the definitive scientific answer get Glove Story this Xmas! Thanks to Dave Morcom for the pic.

DSCF8880 copy

Shirts left to right: The late great Les Sealey (Luton Town, matchworn), Alan Knight (Portsmouth), Uhlsport Jersey signed by Jimmy Rimmer, Nottingham Forest replica as worn by Mark Crossley & Steve Sutton. Photo: Pete Blackman.

keeperimage - 2
With thanks to Paul Woozley at – tons more of Paul’s insane tabletop games (and keepers) are featured in the book.
Bob Wilson Photos_0046 copy

Bob & Megs with staff and pupils at their goalkeeping school in Hertfordshire.

GLOVE STORY. From the authors of Got Not Got plus Rob Stokes and a cast of thousands. Ten quid to you. Out in November on the Conker label. 

All the author royalties from the book will be donated to the Willow Foundation.


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