The Number 1 book for every goalkeeper, past and present

Aimed at goalkeepers and football fans, GLOVE STORY is set to become the 20th book in the popular Got Not Got series, to be published by Conker Editions in November 2017. There’s never been a goalie book like it.

glove story cover rgb version 700

Are you, or have you ever been, a goalkeeper?

Do you dream of pulling on a quilted green or Dayglo orange football shirt? Does it make you sigh, just thinking about enormous latex gloves – or of diving in muddy puddles? If so, this might just be the football book for you.

Lavishly illustrated, GLOVE STORY marks out its territory and aims to cover every possible angle from the unique perspective of the goal-line. Memories and memorabilia. Gloves through the ages. Timeless tips. From goalie gear to keeper culture, GLOVE STORY safely gathers tales of larger-than-life characters, shot-stopping obsession and psychology between the sticks.

If your idea of the perfect Match of the Day is seven 0-0 draws – if you suffered from penalty phobia, or have ever secretly stashed a lucky charm in your glovebag – then you’ll need to catch GLOVE STORY.

GLOVE STORY will be available soon for advance order, priced at £10.00. All the author royalties from the book will be donated in support of the Willow Foundation.

Watch this space for more details, sneak previews and press kits. Look out for vintage goalie gear, astonishing stories, top tips, bad football cards, weird history, bizarre toys, exclusive star interviews and fantastic Top 100 goalie posters designed by GLOVE STORY illustrator Doug Nash – also in support of Willow.

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