Glove Story

Are you, or have you ever been, a goalkeeper?

Do you dream of pulling on a quilted green or Dayglo orange football shirt? Does it make you sigh, just thinking about enormous latex gloves – or of diving in muddy puddles? If so, this might just be the football book for you.

glove story cards edit

Brought to you by the magic of GoalieVision, here’s a zoomed-in pic of the pile of old football cards and stickers featured in our recent Furnace of Creativity post.

Glove Story is coming soon. Many of these stars will feature.


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1 Response to Glove Story

  1. colin says:

    loved being in goal, I’m a tall lad so was made for the job. it was such a thrill to tip one past the post or dive at the strikers feet.

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