Got Not Got: the Furnace of Creativity

Last year, 2016, was the first to tick by without a new Got Not Got book since 2011, so it’s great to be back on the case with big plans to ruin Christmas morning for hundreds of wives, mums and girlfriends up and down the country.

Here we are in the fabled Furnace of Creativity – aka Gary’s dining table – with GNG new boy Rob Stokes. He’s the one with hair.

the best of all possible worlds copy

Watch this space over the next few days to discover what the new book’s all about.

Or alternatively you might just zoom in on the big pile of footy cards and stickers on the table.

Or on the bespoke glossy sticker on Derek’s computer.

Or you could look up Rob Stokes in a really big book of former footballers from the Portsmouth area and see where he used to play.*

No peeking at his Twitter feed, mind. Or his Instagram wotsit.

Exciting times ahead…


* No, you’ve gone and looked up Bobby Stokes – born in Portsmouth, famously played up front for Southampton, but did of course end his career back in Pompey. Our Rob may be a Portsmouth fan, but he played for Waterlooville from 1989 to 1998!

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