Who Where When What If? – the grand Got Not Got festive quiz

We found a brilliant cache of old footy cards (birthday cards, get well soon cards – that kind of cards) up for sale on eBay and were immediately stumped by more than a few of them. Who? Where? When? Eh? That’s what you have to answer to claim your grand prize – any two of the 19 Got Not Got books currently available.

Here’s the cards, most of which offer a priceless window back in time to mystery terraces and unidentified players in curious kit. All you have to do is reply below, by email or on facebook and tell us who’s who, etc. There’s one point each to be had for the ground, the teams and the year – plus bonus points for any other info you can supply, eg the players in shot, the score, or anything else of note. Closing date is 20 Dec, and we’ll be calling in an independent Fourth Official to choose the winner.

1 – The one that started this whole thing off…


2 – Osgood Is Good


3 – On the wall and over the wall 


4 – Trendy waistband turnover time


5 – It’s Mooro


6 – Blues v Reds


7 – A lunge in time 


8 – Rare early shot of St Etienne? Bob teaches Sarah guitar while Pete thrills Debsey with an effortless frilly roll. Unless you know better…


Good luck!

Get your entries in, spread the word and alert your mates, have a splendid Xmas and here’s to a happy New Year – it’s going to be a big one for Got Not Got.

If you click on the cards and fiddle around you can get an enlarged version, handy for looking for mates in the crowd at Stamford Bridge in 1970… possibly.

Finally, thanks to eBay seller Better Cards and their fab old stock. There’s loads more where these came from, so why not check them out if you want a cool retro novelty birthday card for your daughter, featuring  a picture of a thoughful girl, a granny and a loaded rifle.

Derek & Gary





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1 Response to Who Where When What If? – the grand Got Not Got festive quiz

  1. Great post and a great find. I’ll certainly be buying a few but I don’t think I have the knowledge for the quiz

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