Fully Programmed – Festive Director’s Cut

There was one spread we couldn’t fit into ‘Fully Programmed: The Lost World of Football Programmes’ and now is as good a time as any to show it to you…

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So here it is: Merry Christmas! Everybody’s
having fun on the covers of these seasonal
specials served up with a traditional festive
You can tell Chelsea star David Speedie
is entering into the spirit of Christmas
because of his miniature cowboy hat, and
the way his eyes are silently thanking the
club snapper for seeking him out at what
could have been a memorable moment at
the big works do. Inside the programme
are other pictures from the rip-roaring
night, incuding Pat Nevin on the karaoke.
Brighton’s Steve Foster is equally
chuffed to have been selected for photo-op
duty in a bald wig, red nose and comedy
clown’s trousers. Despite his ‘hard man’
image on the pitch, Steve is always pleased
to take part in club efforts to raise money
for poorly pets at Christmas.
But when it comes to Yuletide fun,
Manchester City have long enjoyed a
reputation as League champions. Here’s
chairman Peter Swales taking centre-stage
in a cover cartoon he commissioned of
himself in a hail of imaginary silverware.
A few years later, Swales was still at the
helm when City’s Xmas cover featured
all their players as choirboys, boss Billy
McNeill as a secret santa and assistant
Jimmy Frizzell in a rather disturbing
reindeer mask.
‘Twas the season to be jolly, at least
until McNeill controversially upped and
left for Villa . Then the truth behind the
jolly seasonal tableau emerged: “City had
horrendous debts in the wake of their
halcyon spending sprees on players. We
could hardly buy a fish supper,” McNeill
complained. “Jimmy and I were left with so
few players we sat for days on end thinking
who we could get for as close to nothing as
At Christmas, remember it’s not how
expensive it is. It’s the thought that counts.


Fully Programmed is available on Amazon HERE.

By P. F. Clayden on 25 Oct. 2015

“Love this. Both a humorous and very informative book. Plus in football programme dimensions!
With programmes now available digitally could eventually go the way of vinyl.
I remember reading them with my grandad on the terraces in the hour and a half wait before kick off in the days of standing. We used to get one each!
Some great covers and elegantly assembled with the programmes taking centre stage.



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