Fully Programmed ‘a Treat of Nostalgia’ – Sport mag

Good old Sport. It’s the biggest sports mag in the country with a massive free circulation of over 300,000. And they love our Fully Prog book to bits.

Sport‘s irresistible feature on our London progs* should mean at least 200,000 extra sales on top of the 23 bought as Xmas prezzies by our respective mums.

Untitled-1More top reviews to follow in next week’s GNG blog spots – until you’ve all mailed us to say we can leave off ‘cos you’ve put your order in with your missus.

It’s the price of two pints of lager** on Amazon, for gosh sakes.

* Yes, we did include a Millwall prog – an all-time fave – and an Oriental News in our big fun pack of prog covers sent to the Sport art director!

millwall (2) copy** If you live in London.

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1 Response to Fully Programmed ‘a Treat of Nostalgia’ – Sport mag

  1. I wonder how they would be if they were brought back to this day and age

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