Your 3 favourite programme covers…

Tell us what your three favourite programme covers are and win a copy of ‘Fully Programmed: The Lost World of Football Programmes’…

It’s as easy as that.
The ones we like the best will win. Contact us on here, email or via our Twitter or Facebook pages.

Here are ours.

No 3: Aston Villa’s ‘documentary series’ – 1975-76. 
Getting into the heart and soul of AVFC.

aston villa 7576 2 fp

No 2: Manchester United’s ‘Prog Rock Prog’ – 1970-71. 
Perfect for the times…

man united 7071 fp

No 1: West Bromwich Albion’s ‘Acid Trip through the 20th Century Masterpiece.’ – 1974-75. 
Edwardiana meets the 70s seamlessly in a colourful splash of cutting-edge
nostalgia that’s right up there with Sergeant Pepper and Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.

wba 7475 fp

There’s ours. Send us yours.
A photo would be a big help. If not tell us the club, opposition and the season.


Fully Programmed “enables football fans of a certain vintage to look back fondly on the football programme’s ‘Golden Era’ of the 1960s-1990s,” it says here. “This beautiful, hilarious, evocative book is a must-have for football collectors and nostalgics – and for any fan who remembers mud, mavericks and men in white coats standing on street corners.”

Yours for £16.99. Nah, £11.89 … at least before Amazon notice and change it.


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2 Responses to Your 3 favourite programme covers…

  1. Graham Wood says:

    Will a team special Got not got be released for Stoke City? Hope so

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