Fully Programmed: ‘Hot New Release’ massive discount alert!

The big new Got, Not Got book for this Xmas is imminent in the shops and already up for grabs on Amazon, where it’s available right now with MORE THAN A FIVER OFF the 17 quid RRP. History suggests this price won’t last as the book begins to sell.

The book enters slightly new territory as it’s in-between the ‘annual’ size of GNG and Lost World and the smaller club editions. It’s a progtastic whopper for Xmas morning. There’s already an ‘best-seller’ flag on the Amazon page, but it’s just a tad deceptive: number 1 with a bullet… not in ‘Football’ in both the ‘Paper Ephemera’ and ‘Antique & Collectable Books’ categories! It’s always nice to be ‘Most Wished For’, though but.
So what’s all the fuss about?


  • All the top English and Scottish clubs’ most iconic programme covers.
  • Travel in time through the medium of the prog – insane fonts, unbelievable cover stars and negligible action shots that will whisk you back to childhood.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly – from landmarks in graphic art to clipart and the dreaded rise of Desktop Publishing.
  • Psychedelic progs, newspaper progs, sexy progs, collectable progs, prog product placement, prog rock, and much more…
  • Including Cov’s unforgettable ‘Girl of the Match’!


Fully Programmed “enables football fans of a certain vintage to look back fondly on the football programme’s ‘Golden Era’ of the 1960s-1990s,” it says here. “This beautiful, hilarious, evocative book is a must-have for football collectors and nostalgics – and for any fan who remembers mud, mavericks and men in white coats standing on street corners.”

Yours for £16.99. Nah, £11.89 … at least before Amazon notice and change it.

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