In search of the Wembley Trophy Football…

In ‘The Lost World of Football’ we declared the old faithful orange and black plaggy football to be extinct. We may have gone too soon…

“And so to the rubbery sandpaper texture of a brand-new Wembley Trophy Football. The smell of the new orange plastic, unlike any other. The hot rasping of the adaptor. The sandpaper sensation of the new ball skidding across your sweaty forehead. Later in its life, the hot knife smell and the bright orange scar smoothed over a puncture.  
We’ve asked thousands of fans in person, we’ve appealed on our blog and on national radio, and it seems no one still owns a WTF.
The Wembley Trophy is the passenger pigeon of Seventies football, once so common whole recreation ground skies were obscured by orange balls in flight; now not so much as an image remains…”

But hold… yesterday we received the following message from Nick Schlittner:

“I thought I read about the disappearance of the old bright orange footballs in one of your books or on the blog. Well I saw one on the silver screen last night watching 1972 film ‘Tales from the Crypt’ on the horror channel a pretty good 70s portmanteau with Peter Cushing, Joan Collins and loads of people whose faces I knew but couldn’t name.

There’s a story where a middle aged man (Ian Hendry according to my wife) standing in his front room picks up his kids football, looks at it mournfully, gives it a squeeze and drops it before leaving to run off with his young lover. It doesn’t turn out well.
Brought back some happy memories. The Wembley was the best and hardest football for a serious game but I also remember having a black and white plastic Adidas tango and a world cup 78 ball which was covered in light blue spots.”

And, blow us down, so he does…

tales crypt wt

If anyone has any other examples of Wembley Trophy Footballs being clutched in early 1970s British Horror moves, we’d love to see them.

Don’t have nightmares…

You can buy ‘The Lost World of Football’ HERE

lwof bottom


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