Old-School Gaming: Tackle! v Meccano, George Best v John Lowe

Tackle! was a smashing board game of the 70s with an amusing double-entendre for a name. It promised all the real thrills and spills of a real tackle, without the inconvenience of getting up from the living-room floor. Not many people remember it these days. Do you?
How about a Meccano budgie? It was always the taking to bits torture that ruined the enjoyment of construction for us. But an autogyro might have been good.
meccano cath copy whiteGetting a little more personal, what about a head-to-head between legendary darter John Lowe and Subbuteo George Best?
john1 john2You can’t beat a bit of safe, exciting fun.
subbuteoOr can you?

Results Time:

Tackle! 0-1 Meccano Budgie
John Lowe Spinnadarts 2-5 Subbuteo George Best

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