Epic Football Programme Book – Backpass Showcase

Fully Programmed, the huge new Got Not Got: The Lost World of Football book due out in less than a month, gets a full-page showcase in the brand-new issue of Backpass – the retro football magazine that blokes just can’t resist.

You can order Fully Prog (as aficionados already refer to the sumptuous large-format* hardback) right here, so you get it before everybody else, and your missus will have to think of some other nostalgic delight to squeeze into stockings and amuse you all morning on Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, here’s an early Xmas prezzie for fans of three of the clubs whose progs featured in Backpass. Check out the links below to access our special hi-tech free flickable sample pages from our Derby, Norwich and West Ham United club editions. And look out for the imminent latest series additions: Newcastle United, Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur. Watch this space!

backpass gng page - sept oct 15
Exclusive links
to flick through free showcase sample pages of:
Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Norwich City
Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Derby County
Got, Not Got: The Lost World of West Ham United

*Fully Prog is bigger than the club editions but not as big as GNG and Lost World. Progtastic.

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