Copycat, copycat, sitting on the doormat…

During our extensive months of research for new title – ‘Fully Programmed’ we couldn’t help noticing that some matchday programmes bore a remarkable likeness to those that had gone before…

Homage…. recycling…. nicking… whatever you want to call it here are some of the best examples.

recycled a

Bristol City wait 6 years to give this Leicester design another airing…

recycled b

Bury hopng that a bit of Arsenal double-season magic will rub off.

recycled c

Exeter City mimic QPR’s distinctive pop-art 60s covers – when Croatia was still just the part of Yugoslavia where you went on holiday.

If you have any more examples – let us know…

You can pre-order ‘Fully Programmed: The Lost World of Football Matchday Magazines’  HERE.


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1 Response to Copycat, copycat, sitting on the doormat…

  1. Cambridge in 1979/80 nicked the Brighton cover for 1978/79, replacing the Peter Ward photo with an illustration. Famously, Notts County nicked the Nottingham Forest programme photo cover of Forest players celebrating at the 1980 European Cup with a traced cartoon of Notts County players in around 1982.

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