Old-School Gaming: Kick-Off v Systema Soccer

“All the thrills and spills of a real football match”… that’s what MB Games’ Kick-Off promised somewhat optimistically back in the 70s, while in the 80s LCD era, Systema Soccer actually featured moving pixels on a tiny screen. But which primitive football game wins the head-to-head battle in GNG’s Old-School Gaming Challenge Cup first round?

Even though “the classic football card game” provided nothing of the sort, thrillwise, that didn’t stop us wasting hundreds of joyful hours playing tie after tie of imaginary Kick-Off leagues.

k2To be extremely kind, you could say the set moves up and down the pitch were a bit like chess.

soccerSystema Soccer was almost unbelievably exciting when it emerged in the 80s along with a hundred competitor LCD kickarounds. It featured 15-pixel players running around largely at random – a bit like Fifa 16 if you’re not very good at it. You could move, kick and pass. You still can, if it’s rainy outside and you’re avoiding work.

k11Modern kids are shocked at how crap Systema is, and are bored out of their minds by board and card games. But what do they know? We like the way the Kick-Off ball is flat on one side so it doesn’t keep rolling off on to the floor.

Final result based on expert scientific analysis: Kick-Off 3-2 Systema.


Disclaimer: Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Football is not the only series of 18 heartwarming nostalgia fests to feature primitive soccer games, vintage programmes, fan snaps, football cards, Coffer bling and tons more 60s 70s 80s memorabilia along with thousands of shared fan memories. Is there a GNG book available for your club?

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