Pics of the Day: Football Grounds from the Air Quiz

Ha! So you thought Burnden Park was too easy, did you? Here’s four more heartbreakingly smashing air shots of grounds back in the day. All you have to do is tell us where… and when. Let’s say which decade, to give you a fair chance.

Answers on a postcard below (GNG blog), at the GNG Facebook page (pls do follow us, there’s loads of comment there that doesn’t get seen here) or via the GNG Twitter feed at @GotNotGot (ditto).

2 3 4 5Good luck!


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11 Responses to Pics of the Day: Football Grounds from the Air Quiz

  1. M Caulfield says:

    I think the 2nd one down is Carrow Road.

  2. Paul says:

    Fiendishly difficult challenge – first gut instincts, probably miles off
    Ayresome Park Middlesborough 1950s
    Vale Park Port Vale 1930s
    Elland Road Leeds 1950s
    Old Show Ground Scunthorpe 1960s

  3. notgot says:

    in many ways, yes you do

    check out facebook for further guesswork progress!

  4. Plum17a says:

    St James’s Park
    The Valley
    Elland Road

  5. Barry Woodrow says:

    How about Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester City and Bristol Rovekrs

  6. notgot says:

    Correct – Maine Road in the year it was built, 1923, and the rest all in the 1960s

  7. notgot says:

    Hats off to Barry!

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