What’s the best set of football cards… ever?

As anyone who’s got ‘Got, Not Got’ knows, it’s this Anglo World Cup / Learn The Game series from 1970.

Why? Because of the ‘JFK Moment’-style memories they bring back, of training on the slopy driveway, following all these slightly insane skill tips to the letter. That scissor kick: ouch.
Anglo 1970 World Cup / Learn the Game / Got, Not GotOh, hang on. Maybe that bit’s in ‘The Lost World of Football’.

What’s that? You reckon you’ve got a different favourite all-time set, for entirely different but weirdly parallel nostalgic reasons? Go on, nominate away! Let the anecdotes roll about these hypnotic oblongs of sickly smelling cardboard.

There’s got to be a GNG book in this at some point in the future, and you (and your tatty Topps Manny Andruszewski blueback from 1979) can loom large, if you like.

Don’t worry, our wives and girlfriends will understand.

Critical acclaim for Got, Not Got:

  • “Astonishingly thorough, well-presented, inspired…” – When Saturday Comes
  • “A cracking book which whisks you back to a different footballing era.” Brian Reade, The Mirror
  • “A veritable Dundee cake of a book.” – Danny Kelly, talkSport
  • “A long soak in a warm bath of football nostalgia.” – Mail on Sunday Live magazine

…and The Lost World of Football:

  • “Obviously, everybody over the age of 40 is going to absolutely love this. There’s something for every fan of every club.” – Andy Jacobs, talkSport
  • “The book is superb – an actual step up, if possible, on Got, Not Got. Got it, love it… lost about five hours at the weekend!” – In Bed With Maradona



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3 Responses to What’s the best set of football cards… ever?

  1. Paul says:

    My vote goes to the FKS Soccer Stars team groups set of trump cards from 1977. Not strictly a set as they came complete and you did not have to collect them, but what a superb range of team groups! http://www.oldfootballgames.co.uk/index.asp?pageid=548169

  2. notgot says:

    Ooh yeah, they’re luvverly.

    How did you get them?

  3. Stuart says:

    For the sticker albums I have to say FKS 1972 while the cards themselves would be for me A & BC 1970. After Topps took over it just was not the same

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