Pic of the Day: Colourful Commemorative Covers vs. the Lunatic Fringe

Back in 1982, all plans for colourful commemorative football were cancelled due to a small but persistent lunatic fringe hell bent on causing trouble.

You know who you are. Or rather were.

You’re nicked. Just the thought of historical bovver is bad enough to get you a caution these days, from the missus.

chelsea bovver programme Once again, could it be time to bring instant justice to football fans who step out of line?

In 1985, Chelsea chairman Ken Bates installed an electric perimeter fence at the front of the terraces – the same style he used to control cattle on his dairy farm.

That’ll teach ’em, he considered, in all his wisdom.

But those namby-pamby lily-livered public servants at the GLC decided the idea was deeply unlawful and forced Ken to take down his fence before he even had a chance to switch it on and have a ball boy test it out.

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